Airbnb Complaints

Airbnb Inc is an American organisation spread out across all the nations today. It operates as an online marketplace. The platform provides customers with lodging, homestays, vacation homes, tourism activities, and holiday package options. 

Airbnb Complaint Policy

The brand launched in 2013 but became a market leader in the hospitality market. They operate on all continents and are available in tourist spots. Airbnb primarily offers homestays completely furnished and secured. It is famous globally for its wide range of options for stays. 

There can be situations where you may end up unsatisfied with their services. Read ahead to find the ways you can complain to the company. 

How Does The Airbnb Complaint Process Work?

Methods Details
Twitter  or  
Web Form Find the form on their official website
Headquarters Location 888, Brannan Street, San Francisco, CA, United States

It is effortless to complain to Airbnb. The company offers a web form on its official website. You can follow these steps to file a complaint with Airbnb:

  • Fill in the required details and submit the form. 
  • Once you submit it, you will get an automated acknowledgement email when they receive it. Your case will immediately get an Airbnb customer care agent. They will make the first contact within 96 hours. 
  • The agent will cross-check the details and ask for more information if required. They will submit the necessary documents to gather evidence and confirm the complaint. 
  • The Airbnb customer care agent will review your submitted information. They will also contact other guests and third parties for more information. 
  • They will do a careful investigation as per their policies and standards. If the complaint is for termination by the company, they will allow you to clarify the facts and circumstances.
  • The company aims to rectify the issue within 15 days. They will give you the preliminary decision as soon as possible, but the case’s complexity also matters. 
  • Once they sort the complaint, Airbnb invites you to review the decision. You have 5 business days to revert if you want changes in the decision or give some feedback or comments. The company will consider the feedback and make an immediate decision. 

What Are The Alternate Ways To Complain To Airbnb?

Airbnb is one of the few companies that keep the customer’s needs first over everything else. The organisation takes complaints, feedback, and comments very seriously. You can get their attention through social media platforms. 

Airbnb prefers their customers to contact them through email and webform. But, social media is faster to connect at times. You can tag Airbnb in your posts on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Tag only their official accounts to get a response. 


Twitter:  or  


For queries and feedback, you can access the help centre on the official website. The organisation offers clear options to get solutions for your query. It also provides articles that can give you ready answers.

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